New LED lighting scores top marks at Berkshire school

Many schools are starting to realise the value of installing LED lighting – both in creating a better environment for learning and in generating substantial energy savings. Earlsmann has recently helped the Marist Schools in Sunninghill, Berkshire, to replace fluorescent lighting in classrooms and corridors with LEDs. The new bright, high-quality lighting is helping the school to nurture the next generation of talent while also generating savings of up to 85% on its energy bills.

Replacing fluorescent tubes to create even, clear light in classrooms and corridors

The Marist Schools recognised that the existing fluorescent tube fittings in classrooms and corridors were becoming increasingly inefficient to run. Light levels were patchy and various types of tubes were being used, from warm white to cool white, giving uneven illumination. Procurement of replacement tubes was time-consuming and expensive, as tubes needed to be replaced often and had to be sourced from several different suppliers. The Schools needed a new lighting solution that created a well-lit, pleasant environment where students could thrive – and which provided significant energy savings.


High-performing LEDs support high educational achievement

Earlsmann carried out a survey to understand the Schools’ requirements and design the right solution. Turin LED lighting panels were selected based on a combination of price and performance. The Turin offers a colour rendering index of 80 and excellent uniformity of light, with minimal glare. The clear, bright lighting reduces the risk of eye strain and so is ideal for academic or office environments. The flat lighting panels are fitted with dimming functionality and sensors that reduce lighting levels to 10% when areas are not in active use. This pre-set feature helps to maximise energy savings while maintaining ambient lighting that creates a feeling of safety and security.

Earlsmann: a one-stop shop for your LED lighting needs

Earlsmann provided the Marist Schools with a complete LED lighting solution. This included the 600mm LED panels with dimming drivers, sensors, emergency packs, surface kits and suspended ceiling kits. The first phase of lighting installation took place during the 2014 summer holidays. Following this work, Rachel Frier, the Schools’ bursar, provided positive feedback on the impact of the new lighting, saying “The motion sensor lighting has made a real difference to what was quite a dark corridor, and the classrooms are brighter without glare so the teachers and students are pleased”.

Five-year warranty for total peace of mind

Earlsmann is a UK manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting units and has its factory in the UK, ensuring a high-quality, reliable product underpinned by a full five-year warranty. The company provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to suit every interior and exterior application. Find out more about Earlsmann’s commercial lighting products at, call 08456 434 740 or email


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