New OneLeg Sizes Now Available

All three sizes offer the same great dynamic sitting. The ergonomically designed base allows the user to rock and turn around, whilst offering stability, giving the user a wide radius to work within, eliminating the need for overreaching and stretching.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The original X32 is great for use by adults when working at low heights, for example whilst doing maintenance jobs such as gardening or washing the car and for nursery workers in 'toddler sized' environments and the new X40 and X48 are great for use when a higher sitting position is needed, such as when working with older children.


The OneLeg isn't just for use by adults but also children, helping to eliminate 'slumping' and the associated joint aching. The stool can also be very beneficial for children who suffer with motoric hyperactivity as it gives them the freedom of movement whilst on the stool, without becoming disruptive to others.

Manufacturers age and size guide for children: 4 - 8 years: OneLeg Standard X32 (32 cm) - Stools available in a wide range of colours. 8 - 11 years: OneLeg X40 (40 cm) - stools available in black only. 12 years and beyond: OneLeg X48 (48 cm) - stools available in black only. All sizes are available with or without silicone anti-slip seat and foot covers. The silicone seat cover -available in a wide range of colours, provide extra comfort and security to enable the user to lean and tilt on the stool without the risk of sliding on the seat.

An anti-slip foot cover is strongly advised when using the stool indoors or on any slippery surface to prevent the stool from sliding or tipping - available in a wide range of colours for the X32 but only in black for X40 and X48. For more information visit

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