New data analysis system drives school and pupil improvement in Welsh Schools

A new online data analysis system for schools is set to revolutionalise how teachers, governors and school leaders across Wales use school performance and target setting data. Presented in a clear, visual and highly interactive dashboard format, FFT Aspire allows schools to quickly and comprehensively evaluate their own performance and is an ideal tool for inspection preparation.
It is also enabling teachers to use data to set more aspirational targets that will help their pupils to achieve their full potential. Over 400 teachers flocked to FFTs conferences in Cardiff and Llandudno to mark the launch of FFT Aspire in Wales. FFT Aspire will replace the current FFT Live system that is used by schools in Wales.

The benchmarking tool has been developed using feedback from senior leaders and teachers to help encourage the setting of more informed yet ambitious targets. FFT Aspire will also provide teachers with a range of self-evaluation dashboards to track school progress against the latest curriculum and accountability measures. As well as promoting realistic challenge, the new system will be easier to use; presenting complex school performance data, target setting and benchmarking information in simple dashboards, it provides a fast and visual reference point for staff and governors. As well as checking the system on a pupil-by-pupil basis, teachers will be able to view FFT Aspire alerts to highlight potential risks and opportunities for every student.

This level of insight will help staff to implement effective intervention strategies at an early stage, allowing students to maximise their full capability. Paul Charman, managing director at FFT, says: "We are delighted to launch the new FFT Aspire in Wales. There is currently no other system that provides data in such a visual way to support schools for in-depth target setting, planning, evaluation and preparing for Estyn inspections. Aspire enables a personalised approach to pupil achievement - whether you're setting targets for individual pupils, departments or your whole school, our target setting system has been designed to allow schools to set, record and review aspirational targets for all students."

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