New online Parents Evening Booking Service simplifies the organisation of parents evenings

 The more parents are engaged with their children’s education, the more likely their children are to achieve, so to make it easier for parents to take an active role, WisePay, leading provider of school communications and online payment solutions, has launched the Parents Evening Booking Service for primary schools, designed to simplify the scheduling of appointments. The new system allows parents to view and book their timeslots online, on phones or tablets, while schools can monitor progress in real-time, creating a smoother and more convenient experience for both parties.

Rather than relying on inefficient solutions that saw parents rooting around their children’s bags to find a paper timetable, schools simply create a schedule online and specify the length and location of appointments. Pupil data is drawn directly from all leading MIS systems, helping staff to save on administrative time and paperwork.

Schools can view the schedule by day or by teacher, allowing them to gain a clear overview of how parents evening bookings are progressing. The online timetables are flexible and can be changed by authorised staff members if necessary - the system will update to include these changes immediately so whenever parents log in, they will see an up-to-date plan showing the time slots available, eliminating double-bookings. Parents can book their appointments whenever is convenient for them.

The software is fully integrated with the WisePay Communications Hub (for emailing and texting parents). This means that all parental contact information is readily available organised by class, so an email or text can easily be sent to notify parents if a teacher is sick or if an appointment needs to be cancelled. Additionally, all WisePay services are available on one platform which can be easily accessed from any browser.

Commenting on the new service, Sarah Phillips, Managing Director of WisePay said: “Our mission is to ensure that schools can provide the best possible experience for parents with regard to their payment and booking procedures. We are delighted to be helping schools simplify their parents evening booking processes with a product that is simple, sophisticated and easily accessed from the same, familiar platform where parents already go to make school-related payments.” 

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