Nobel wins place at Harrow School

Nobel Fire Systems wins place at Harrow School Harrow School is one of the worlds most famous Public Schools. Known for its academic excellence and for attracting famous pupils from across the globe including the likes of Winston Churchill, Pandit Nehru, Byron, and Evelyn de Rothschild, the school today is one of a very small number of full boarding schools. Full boarding school status means that as well as looking after the boys academic, pastoral and social needs, Harrow also has to cater for the appetites of 1,000 boys and staff on a daily basis.

Not only that, the school offers Conference Facilities, Large Dinner Parties and Wedding Receptions. To achieve all of this, Harrow has its own centralised catering department. During term time this department caters for over 17,000 meals per week including five course silver service meals in the Masters Dining Room and receptions for distinguished guests and Old Harrovians. Ensuring the demands of Harrows efficient and well run catering kitchen continue to be met, the school has recently invested in a refurbishment programme thats seen new equipment and systems introduced to the prep kitchen, main servery kitchen and the main kitchen itself.

Throughout the refurbishment programme, pupil, staff and guest safety was an influencing factor in all decisions taken and none more so than how best to ensure protection against any possible fire risk in the new kitchens. From the outset, the School expressed its desire to work with a professional partner who would immediately understand its specific needs and then design and install a fire suppression system that met all regulatory requirements while also providing full cover for all appliances and the surrounding area. After carefully evaluating the credentials of a number of potential fire safety partners, Harrow School appointed one of the UKs leading specialists, Nobel Fire Systems.

The decision to work with Nobel was essentially based on two key factors. In the first place, Harrow was impressed with the level of personal service provided by Nobel. From initial assessment through to installation of the system, Nobel ensured that they worked closely with the customer to ensure that the schools requirements were being exactly met at every stage. The other important reason for selecting Nobel Fire Systems was its ability to provide the aesthetic appearance required in the refurbished kitchen. While the majority of traditional fire suppression systems require pipework to be very visible and tend to display cheap looking copper or brass plated nozzles that protrude through the kitchens canopy or vented ceiling, the K-Series system has been integrated seamlessly and in complete sympathy with the overall good looks of Harrows new kitchen by Nobels in-house team of engineers. In addition, the components of the system are manufactured in stainless steel to enhance the working life and endurance of the product.

Following a fully comprehensive risk assessment of the Schools kitchens taking into account the total requirement of successful fire suppression in addition to the Schools interruption potential, the decision was made to fit Nobels K-Series system. The system is specifically designed for commercial kitchens and protects both the cooking area and the ductwork on a permanent basis. Its the only system on the market that takes into consideration the risk beyond the entrance to the duct. Only the K-Series provides fire risk cover from the last nozzle at the extract plenum downstream along the entire length of the ductwork to the extract fan and/or point of extract to the external environment. Nobels K-Series fire protection systems are engineered to meet the specific individual requirements of the kitchen being protected. The systems are electronically controlled with no mechanical moving parts. Installations comprise of one or a number of stainless steel cylinders, each containing a highly effective F class wet chemical liquid designed specifically for fast flame knock down and fire suppression.

The low, near neutral pH value of the liquids ensures that there is no damage to the commercial kitchen appliances, and as a direct consequence of the efficiency of K-Series in limiting the volume of liquid required to control the situation, there is minimal clean-up requirements following discharge. As operational reliability, longevity and low life time costs remain a key requirement for Harrow School, and all other customers, the electrical nature of Nobels K-Series system allows it to continuously monitor itself ensuring the integrity of the system is never in doubt. Faults are flagged by the systems control panel and announced through audible and visual alerts which can then be diagnosed and fixed remotely. System integrity is guaranteed 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As an additional safeguard, the K-Series system has been designed to interface with the Schools own in-house fire alarm system. The system monitoring also has the added benefit of reducing servicing requirements to once a year, with the obvious associated cost savings. The majority of available mechanical systems on the market only allow checks to be made through a physical service, and that must surely be of concern to end users.

Commenting on the Harrow installation, Ben Parker, Commercial Director of Nobel Fire Systems said; We continue to look at ways in which we can add value for all our customers and we do this by working very closely with them in order to gain a thorough knowledge of their exact needs. Our systems are not pre-engineered as is the industry norm; instead each system is innovatively designed and integrated to provide an individual solution. Thats certainly been the case with Harrow and were delighted and honoured to have been chosen by the School for this prestigious project.

The award winning K-Series is one of the UKs premier wet chemicals kitchen fire suppression systems providing full protection to all cooking appliances, extract canopies and duct work. Already installed in many of the UKs and European leading commercial kitchens, K-Series continues to underline its ability to provide the right fire suppression answers to the most challenging situations. For more information contact, Ben Parker at Nobel Fire Systems Ltd. Email Phone: +44 (0)1706 625 777 Fax: +44 (0)1706 625 325 ENDS

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