Oundle Pupils Attend Yale Young Scholars Programme

The annual Yale programme offers six intensive, interdisciplinary pre-collegiate courses: Politics, Law, and Economics; International Affairs and Security; Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship; Applied Science and Engineering; Biological and Biomedical Science; and Frontiers of Math and Science.

Participants were offered an opportunity to audition to give a lecture and Thomas was selected with his Extended Project Qualification topic on Asteroid Mining. He spoke to an audience of over 500 delegates. George commented, “My Yale session was entitled International Affairs and Security and my project was about International Law and whether the International Criminal Court could punish anyone for possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ committed in the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine.

My group was very diverse and made up of students from Austria, USA and Mexico. The many opinions and views (due to our different backgrounds) enabled us to produce a fascinating presentation at the end of our discussions.

One event that stood out for me was Professor John Gaddis’ lecture on the ‘Hedgehog and the Fox’ based on an Ancient Greek expression translated as ‘a fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing’. Professor Gaddis used this to examine some key figures in history and whether they were foxes, hedgehogs or even hedgefoxes.


The teachers, professors and instructors at Yale enlarged my opinions, tested my philosophies and also taught me whole new topics that I would never have encountered otherwise. YYGS exposed me to various perspectives on numerous issues such as Brexit, Trump, History, General Politics and International Law. This enabled made me to analyse my own thoughts, beliefs and indeed philosophies critically.” Danila added, “As we embark on the transition from GCSE-style learning to more mature and independent studying at A level and begin to consider our university choices, our time at Yale will remain clear in our memories. I hope that future Oundelians will take this excellent opportunity to visit Yale University and experience all the amazing opportunities themselves.”

Head of Higher Education with a responsibility for applications to overseas universities, Sudip Burman-Roy commented, "Our pupils found themselves engaging with world-renowned professors, and interacting with extraordinary visiting practitioners from Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and Brown University to name but a few.

Three of the Oundle pupils are now beginning the process of preparing to apply to the US having firstly enjoyed a sample of what a Liberal Arts course is, and secondly having gained invaluable first-hand experience of life on a US university campus."

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