Oundle Pupils Win Worldwide Quiz

Oundle entered two teams and were competing against four other local schools in the South Lincolnshire round of the Worldwise Quiz (Stamford School, Stamford High School, Stamford Welland Academy and Uppingham School).

The Oundle 1st team, comprised of Robert Brettle (13), Marcus McDevitt (13) and Alexander Jones (13), were delighted to finish in 1st place with an impressive score of 110, 20 points ahead of the team in 2nd place.

Oundle’s 2nd team comprised of Charlie Martin (13) and Will Robertson (13) finished in a respectable 6th place out of ten teams. Robert’s team led from the very beginning, with a lead of six points after only two rounds, twelve points after four rounds and sixteen points after six rounds.

There were eight rounds in the competition, with Oundle’s most successful being the ‘Alphabet round’ where pupils were asked twenty-six questions with each answer beginning with one letter of the Alphabet such as ‘What H is an English town and the capital of Nova Scotia in Canada?’.

The most challenging round of the evening was titled ‘My Escape’ where pupils were given ten statements describing a migrant’s journey, eg. ‘As I cross the River Plate which is flowing South East towards the Atlantic Ocean I have to paddle hard to the North East to reach my destination’, and they gained two points for stating the source and destination country of each migrant. Head of Geography, Morwenna Chapman commented, “Our pupils competed enthusiastically and were pleased to receive their prizes of a large Collins Atlas at the end of the evening.

We left on tenterhooks, not knowing whether our place in the Regional Round was confirmed due to the North Lincolnshire Round of the Competition happening simultaneously and their result not coming through. Unfortunately, morning broke and news came in that the Priory Academy had just piped us by four points scoring 114 overall. We look forward to entering our team again next year to what is a worthwhile and very enjoyable event which was this year hosted in fantastic fashion by Mr Morris at Stamford School.”

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