Over 200,000 secondary school pupils not taking part in Sports Day

 -        A third (31%) of pupils enjoy the competition of Sports Day

-        A quarter (28%) say their school makes it fun even for those that are not good at sport

-        A fifth (22%) of pupils go to schools where all participants are rewarded at Sports Day, not just the winners

One in 20 (6%) secondary school pupils did’nt attend a Sports Day this year as their school doesn’t hold one. This is an estimated 200,000* secondary school pupils missing out on a day which for many has become an annual school tradition.

The survey of 2,023 secondary school pupils by School Stickers, leading provider of innovative school rewards, found that of those pupils who are able to attend a Sports Day nearly a third (31%) really enjoy the competition of Sports Day, over a quarter (28%) say that their school makes it fun even for those that are not good at sport and 23% say they think it is fun even though they never win.

Only one in 10 (11%) dread Sports Day as they don’t like Sport, and one in 10 (11%) dread it as they are not good at Sport. 

Interestingly the survey found that two fifths (40%) of pupils go to schools where only the winners are rewarded at Sports Day. However a fifth (22%) go to schools where all participants are rewarded, a further 13% go to schools where no individual prizes are given, but points are awarded to their House, and 16% go to schools where prizes are given to winner as well as house points.

Neil Hodges, Managing Director of School Stickers said,”There is a lot of talk at the moment about young people not doing enough exercise, so it is a shame that 200,000 teenagers are going to be missing out on an event, which if done right, can be a great way of reminding teenagers how much fun sport can be.”


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The survey was sent to all secondary schools across the UK and promoted to the 68,000 secondary school pupils that use www.mystickers.co.uk. 2023 pupils took part.

*There are 3,457,410 secondary school pupils in the UK in January 2012. 6% is 207,444. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/schools-pupils-and-their-characteristics-january-2012


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