Over half of female teachers say not enough is being done to help women go for top jobs

Meanwhile, 43% of female teachers believe a glass ceiling is holding them back in their careers

London, 27 April 2016 -- Over half (52%) of female teachers believe that more could be done to support women going for the top jobs in UK schools, according to the results of a new survey by recruitment company, Randstad. Tellingly, perhaps, one third (33%) of men were in agreement.

The survey results, highlighted in a new report, Women and the Education Pay Gap, also revealed that more than two in five (43%) female teachers believe a glass ceiling is holding them back professionally. Again, nearly a third of male teachers (29%) believe the same in relation to their female counterparts.

Asked what they feel holds them back in the workplace, female teachers responded to Randstad as follows:

  • 23% - a lack of confidence 
  • 21% - employer attitudes
  • 14% - a lack of belief in their own skills
  • 13% - a fear of how they will be perceived by senior management
  • 13% - a fear of how they'll be perceived by colleagues

Also reflecting a lack of confidence among female teachers, 84% of female survey respondents said they wouldn't ever consider asking for a rise — but would wait for one to be given. This compares to 71% of male teachers.


Jenny Rollinson, Managing Director, Randstad Education, commented:

“Attracting women into education has never been an issue, with three quarters of female professionals making up the workforce, but when it comes to the top jobs the perception among a very large percentage of female teachers is that they will struggle to get them. The feeling is that a disproportionately high number of men end up in senior management while women simply aren't given enough support and therefore tend to occupy lower level roles on less pay. The glass ceiling for female teachers, or at least the belief that it exists, appears to very much alive and kicking."

Randstad surveyed 486 teachers in February 2016 and used the results to create a new report, Women and the Education Pay Gap

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