Email campaigns

  • Each email is sent twice to up to 36000 recipients. The list is 99.9% named and titled.
  • We can advise and help you write the email if you would like us too.
  • We will set,  check for spam keywords and proof copies to you.
  • We recommend you use a simple letter format, with about 200 words, a picture and contact details.
  • You can choose the data by type. I.E geographical, Age group etc. *Price on application*
  • We set up the Automatic trigger responses for you..
     The feedback on these campaigns is excellent
    I’m now going to be spending the next week sending out samples and answering email enquiries! - Oli Lederberger- A&O Foods.
    This email campaign was one quarter the cost of using Google AdWords.. and the service, backup and knowledge is excellent.- Nick White, I Want A Sanding Desk Ltd
    Thank you so much for this. I wanted to say that I am so impressed with your service and clearly everything works well as we are getting some nice enquiries as a result!- I love this follow up (Trigger) idea and it's obvious that people react to the prompt. - Lucy Szymonski Head of Concert and Educational Tours, Club Europe Group Travel .
    "I agree with your approach and will prepare a new email as you suggest. Just so you know we've had a good response from the 1st mail going out which has led to many positive leads!" and "Excellent thanks Steve - we've already had requests for demos so great stuff!" Mike Glanville, Director, One Team Logic.
    "I had schools sign up for my guide on the day the email went out." Philip West, Continuity West.

    We will send your email for the following costs:      
One cycle £750
Two £700
Three £650
Four £600
Five £550
Data split £POA
  • We will provide figures of total sent and total opened email data on request within these costs
  • We will provide click through data which will include (Where available) School, phone no, email, Head, Address. 
  • We can only do this using data drawn from the 1st hyperlink on the email- So we recommend you only have one.
  • Please note some 3rd party tracking systems will prevent us from providing link clicked information- please check with us for details.

We will require from you the information to email. This can be a simple text and a couple of pictures made into a letter, as our reader is a Head its better done as a semi-formal letter. If you wish to send a full HTML page please provide it fully made to 620px width. If you require us to make up a complex HTML page there will be a charge for this which we will happily quote for.
You will also get the facility to add Press releases to the Education magazine website free of charge by uploading the information, pics and search words directly. We will provide social media support for these.

Invoicing: payment is due, for the 1st cycle, 30 days from the email being sent. Subsequent cycles are due 30 days from the email being sent.

It works- email me for more information on