Philosophers of the future inspired by master class

Dame Allans Schools in Newcastle upon Tyne invited pupils from Knop Law Primary School, Wingrove Primary School and Stocksfield Avenue Primary School to take part in a thought provoking session at the Senior School in Fenham.

Year six students explored what makes something right or wrong, questioned their own actions and were challenged to think about what they would do in tricky situations. During the interactive lesson students used the myth of the Ring of Gyges as a case study, recreating the well-known philosophical story of the invisibility ring with props and music. Harry Potter also made an appearance, with his famous invisibility cloak proving to be a brilliant analogy for the students.

Daniel Taylor, a student at Knop Law Primary School really enjoyed the lesson and said: If I was invisible I would use the power to do good, not bad like in the story of Gyges. It was really fun to think of what we would do if we had magic powers, but also to think about what makes something right or wrong.

The session is part of a series of master classes at Dame Allans, held to introduce children to different subjects and technologies they may not have at primary school. The last master class in science saw students don white coats and experiment with thermal imaging cameras, UV light torches and UV sensitive beads as well as the more traditional Bunsen burners and colourful chemicals. Dance, Computing and Languages lessons will be held in the new year. Dr Kathryn Wilkinson, who ran the philosophy session, commented: Its really great to involve primary students from our local area in a completely new subject to them. Everyone participated enthusiastically with some excellent philosophical insights. It was great to see them getting involved in the re-enactment of the myth of Gyges.

All students went away with a certificate to mark their participation. Dame Allans Schools are a group of independent schools in Newcastle upon Tyne. The schools were founded in 1705 with the girls school believed to be one of the oldest independent girls schools in the country. The schools are pioneering in their offering of ˜diamond structure' education, meaning students receive the academic benefits of single sex education, with the social merits of co-education.

For more information on Dame Allan's Schools visit For further information contact Erin Walden or Rebecca Miller on 0191 2750608.

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