Premium desk top air filtration units

 For a cleaner, safer working environment and in order to comply with COSHH regulations, why not opt for a BenchVent filtration cabinet. All cabinets, downdraught benches and booths are made to order in the UK, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Our filtration systems have been proven to be 99% effective in the removal of dust, fumes, particles and odours in an enclosed environment.

BenchVent equipment is designed for use in a variety of settings and over the years we have developed more and more specialist equipment. From Secondary through to Higher Education, typical settings for the filtration cabinets include Design & Technology, Arts and Science and we have recently added Healthy and Beauty equipment to our extensive catalogue.

For larger applications we can also supply downdraught benches, and for scientific specialisms we have storage cabinets, fume cupboards and other technical equipment.

Service contracts are also available, and we can keep you in stock with a range of filters should you require it.

We have worked with some very well-known names in the past such as; Rolls Royce, Virgin Atlantic, Eton College, Sienna X.

Whatever the size of your project, talk to the specialists at BenchVent about ventilation and filtration projects on 01423 790039 to see which of their great products fit with your specifications.

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