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 Body worn video equipment is proven to protect staff in public facing roles and assist in preventing crime

Edesix, a global market leader in body worn camera (BWC) solutions, is urging more organisations to utilise BWC equipment to help protect frontline staff and assist in preventing crime.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, UK and established in 2002, Edesix manufactures BWC’s for those in public facing roles helping to improve safety, while producing compelling legal evidence when needed. Edesix currently supplies key markets across the globe, including the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South America, China, the Middle East and Australasia.  All the hardware and software is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

The company’s flagship product, VideoBadge, is a body worn video camera styled like an ID card holder. Its simple operation makes it extremely versatile and suitable for all types of users and applications. The VideoBadge range offers a suite of features to suit the frontline workers’ needs, whether that be an extra wide angled lens or extended battery life to 14 hours. Its latest product, the VB-300 Series, is Wi-Fi enabled and is available with double the battery capacity of previous badges, so is capable of streaming for up to 10 hours of continuous coverage.

Edesix’s VideoManager is a slick, user-friendly and highly functional video management software suite, suitable for handling, editing and sharing your captured footage. VideoManager comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art features, such as redaction, to prepare evidence-ready footage without extensive training or expensive resources. VideoManager is a secure platform, equipped with encryption keys to protect data upload and allow a comprehensive audit trail, as well as implementing sophisticated multi-level role-based access controls. This allows close control of which users can view, edit, share or delete footage.

Edesix currently provides VideoBadges and VideoManager software to local authority enforcement teams, police forces, bailiffs, security personnel, transport firms and housing associations.

“All the studies examining body worn video cameras show they make a real difference in protecting frontline staff and the public,” explains Richie McBride, CEO of Edesix.

“Body Worn Camera’s help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour, and record unbiased evidential footage for criminal prosecution. There can be no doubt that cameras deter aggression and in many cases eliminate the need to activate a panic alarm or radio during an incident. When members of the public know they are being recorded, their behaviour tends to change to a more positive attitude. BWC’s also help staff feel safer and more protected.”

McBride adds: “Organisations that employ staff who work on the frontline, and regularly interact with members of the public, continuously face security difficulties, we provide a simple, scalable and cost-effective answer.”

For further information about Edesix please visit or call +44(0)131 510 0232.


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