Protecting Educational Establishments During The Summer Break

Inside the classroom

·         Report any deterioration and breakage to doors, windows, roofs, wall cladding, ceiling tiles, alarms and locks so that they can be repaired ahead of the holidays.

·         Check that all windows have been closed and locked before leaving a classroom for the final day of term.

·         Check that all electronics have been switched off at the mains before leaving a classroom for the final day of term.

·         Lock all valuable equipment in a secure place and out of view before leaving a classroom for the final day of term.

Security measures

·         Make sure that an adequate check of the school’s maintenance programmes has been performed. This will cover that fire alarms, intruder alarms and sprinkler systems are all operating properly.

·         Assess the entire school facility and identify areas where extra alarms or means of security are needed. Look out for areas that don’t have adequate surveillance currently but house many pieces of expensive equipment and technology. Cloud CCTV should also be considered when enhancing security, as it means a space can be monitored without the requirement to be on site at all times.

·         Check that security grilles and shutters are operating in the correct manner, if these are being used around the school.

·         Report any damage to the fittings or bulbs of external lights.

·         Ensure bins and skips are stored in a secure part of the school grounds, though also at least eight metres away from buildings.

The school’s perimeter

·         Report any large or overgrown trees or shrubbery both inside the school grounds and around the perimeter. These can make access to the grounds easier, as well as lead to unnecessary blind spots in CCTV coverage.

·         Ensure that the locks on a school’s gates are still fit for purpose.

·         Have a check that all of the fencing around the school is fully intact, with no damage or footholds that allow for easy access into the grounds.e grounds.

Writing on behalf of access control systems provider 2020 Vision, Lee Dover is a freelance journalist with an interest in various aspects of security solutions both nationally and internationally. He has a BA (Hons) in Magazine Journalism.

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