Revolutionary literacy invention, ReadingWise English, launches

  • 9.7 months reading improvement in 20 hours
  • Shortlisted for BETT 2015 SEN award
  • Manageable by teaching assistants
  • Strong trial results in UK schools

ReadingWise English, the eagerly awaited online literacy intervention that jumpstarts reading for the 20% who struggle and draws on over eight years’ of development and trials, launches today at BETT.

Rigorous randomised control trials overseen by the University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University in UK schools have proven it can raise the average reading age by as much as 9.7 months after just 20 hours. As a result of the trials, ReadingWise English has already been shortlisted as a finalist in the SEN category at this year's BETT Awards.

Complementing the Government’s literacy strategy (synthetic phonics focused) and universal recognition that reading is a cornerstone for educational and lifelong opportunity, ReadingWise English combines a range of educational and psychological techniques. The programme is engaging to use and makes learning fun.

Suitable for children and adults, ReadingWise English helps everyone from below-average readers to those with special educational needs. One of the key attributes of the system is that it can be easily set up and managed by teaching assistants, eliminating the need for costly specialist literacy support.

ReadingWise English is based on a literacy programme developed in India by the company’s founder, Victor Lyons, as a result of which 100,000 people in India are now literate. The programme was brought to the UK and has been adapted as an online literacy intervention, receiving critical acclaim and much praise from trial schools, as well as being shortlisted for a BETT award.

Jamie Fries, ReadingWise CEO said: “We want to reach the often forgotten 20% of people in the UK who leave school every year struggling to read. We believe this 20% figure is unacceptable and have developed ReadingWise English to ensure every child is able to exercise their right to read.”

Initial trials of ReadingWise English in UK primary and secondary schools have delivered ground-breaking results, with the head teacher at Billing Brook school in Northampton, Caroline Grant, commenting: “This progress is astonishing. They have never made this sort of progress before.” After a limited trial, the school has now rolled out ReadingWise English to all of its pupils.

The company has attracted some of the UK’s leading literacy experts, educationalists and academics to its team, including Professor Al Richardson (chairman and professor of science in enterprise at the Royal Institution of Great Britain), Jamie Fries (CEO), and dyslexia campaigner and social entrepreneur Kate Griggs (advisor)

The ReadingWise English programme costs as little as £100 per learner (can be covered by a school’s Pupil Premium funding) and has a significant impact on raising literacy levels. It is licensed on a ‘per school’ annual basis price from £1,000

Founder, Victor Lyons, will share his incredible story about the creation of ReadingWise English in the Learn Live: SEN support for everyone theatre at BETT on 21 January at 11am.


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