Rosetta Stone predicts 5 key 2016 learning trends

With the types of learning technologies doubling in the last five years, according to the Ambient Insight Worldwide report, its safe to say that e-learning will continue to grow in 2016 especially in the business sphere.

Donavan Whyte, Vice President, EMEA Enterprise & Education at Rosetta Stone, has listed below five key trends for the learning and development sector in 2016.

1. Gamification - Like a great blockbuster video game, gamified learning can (and should!) be addictive. And addictive learning means employees will not only do more of it, but they will retain more, as well. Organizations that select or build learning programmes with a large focus on gamification will win more than those who don't.

2. Bite-sized learning  With the average adult attention span now about equal to that of a goldfish, learning modules will need to adapt to the fast-paced, change-hungry learners who will be consuming it. 3. mLearning Hand-in-hand with the rapid growth of bite-sized learning is that of mobile learning. The worldwide market for mobile learning reached $5.3b in 2012 and is predicted to reach $12.2b by 2017. Users will continue to seek learning solutions that provide flexibility and a wealth of knowledge on the go.

4. Access to worlds best talent  Users will be able to communicate with instructors worldwide as technology breaks down geographical barriers.

5. Languages for business“ There will be an increasing recognition of the need for languages skills for business to be globally competitive, as 79% of businesses surveyed by Rosetta Stone believe that language skills are critical for business success.  Interactive, digital learning programmes provide an ideal environment for learning new skills and maintaining and building on existing ones. 2016 will be the year that some of the most cutting edge technology, such as virtual reality learning and gamification, will become everyday tools in the learning and development sector,says Donavan Whyte.

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