SBS Online - Innovative budget planning and monitoring for education

SBS Online

Innovative budget planning and monitoring for education

SBS Online is a secure, cloud-based budget management system, incorporating budget planning and monitoring in one easy to use interface. 

We have developed this unique software, SBS Online, to not only provide up to ten year salary forecasting, budget formulation and full reporting suite, but also full salary and budget monitoring functionality, allowing the user to confidently forecast a school’s year-end financial position. Our ‘Multi-school’ feature allows for interaction between Schools, Federations, Clusters, Trusts and Local Authorities, and provides in depth reporting.


  • Secure, easy access from any device
  • Unlimited budget scenarios
  • Accurate salary forecasting
  • CFR, GAG and customised reporting
  • Plan and report expenditure of ring-fenced funds
  • Detailed analysis and graphical presentation over the next 10 years
  • Customisable reporting suite
  • Student contracts for accurate income projection
  • Cashflow and balance sheets
  • Capital investment and expenditure reporting
  • Salary and budget monitoring for complete financial confidence
  • Unique features for MATs, Federations, Trust and Local Authorities
  • Ongoing product development and user support at no extra cost

For more information, please call 0845 300 8179 • option 5 or visit

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