Vivo is the UK's favourite schools recognition and rewards system and is used by 1.4 million users across the UK. Vivo points are awarded to students by teachers for academic performance and positive behaviours such as attendance, attitude, time-keeping, helping others and going the extra mile. Each school sets both the criteria for awarding, and the type of rewards, that students can spend their Vivo points on. Since February 2010, New Look has been the fashion provider for the V Shop where students can spend their Vivos.

George Grima, MD of Vivo Rewards Ltd comments, “New Look gift vouchers and, more recently gift cards, have been part of the Vivo scheme since February 2010 and their popularity has exceeded our expectations.  Importantly, New Look is a well-known and popular brand with items for male as well as female students, and for a wide age range, which is essential as we want to appeal to the majority.  We’re also looking into the feasibility of using New Look e-codes, which can be sent direct to PC or mobile.”

“Our partnership with New Look helps us meet students’ demands to provide a wide and exciting catalogue of rewards that motivates and celebrates their success and positive behaviour. In fact our NL partnership was first conceived as a result of student feedback and wish-lists.”

“We’re looking forward to working more closely with NL as part of a number of exciting incentives lined up this academic year. Part of our role in-school and with students is to inspire creativity, for example while rewarding students for ingenuity and imagination we can also be involved exposing careers in fashion, design and retail, offering work experience and highlighting the importance of ethical business practice.  It's great to discover a partner in New Look so willing to support rounded student development.”

How Vivo works:

1.       Senior leaders/teachers set goals; for example, to encourage positive behaviour, performance, or participation

2      Teachers log onto Vivo (or the school's management information system) to reward Vivo points to students in 3 easy clicks

3      Students check and exchange their Vivo points for whichever reward they want, such as New Look gift vouchers, and are spurred on to greater things

4      Parents are kept in the loop about their child's progress and can add their own rewards

The result?…Increased attendance, performance, motivation and positive behaviour from students.

That means motivated, happier students, satisfied parents, and better schools. 


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