Savvy schools check out new uniform styles

 ONCE considered the preserve of exclusive public schools, pleated tartan skirts and kilts are on target to be the next big thing in school uniform.

Industry leaders are reporting increasing interest, and orders, for the smart and distinctive garments as State-run educational establishments aim to stand out from the crowd.

Since adding kilts to the product range in 2015 the company has, this year, seen a 30-fold increase in orders and enquiries.

Said Sales Director John Adams: “The purpose of uniform is often seen much like a brand on the supermarket shelves - to be instantly recognisable and distinct from the competition.

“For savvy schools, uniform serves this purpose within the community, and when set among the standard black, navy or grey skirts, kilts and pleated tartan skirts clearly achieve that objective. They are also perceived as having an added air of exclusivity which make students feel proud to be a part of something special.”

“As many schools adapt to Academy status we find they want to change their uniform to mark the beginning of a new era, and kilts or pleated tartan skirts for girls are a way of ringing the changes and celebrating their new status.

“What’s great is that modern manufacturing techniques have dramatically reduced costs to give a more universal appeal and all-important affordability.

“For State-run senior schools the tartan pleated skirt is proving particularly popular. It overcomes that age-old problem of confrontations over skirt length, giving the school an easy way to control the style and maintain a disciplined approach to uniform.” stocks a wide range of stock kilts and pleated tartan skirts to complement existing uniform colourways. Prices begin at £10.95

For details visit or talk to Sales Director John Adams on 01773 837379.

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