School Business Services and PS Financials Partnership Helps to Drive Financial Health and Efficiency in Schools

School Business Services (SBS), a leading global specialist in providing support services and products to the education sector, has announced at The Academies Show London a software support partnership and product integration with PS Financials (PSF).  PS Financials are authors of the award-winning accounting, purchasing and reporting software used by over 2,300 organisations in over 58 countries.

Finance consultants at SBS have completed a rigorous accreditation programme meaning they are able to provide expert PS Financials software training and support. SBS’ budget management suite, SBS Online, has also been fully integrated with PSF to provide a seamless link between budgeted and actual income and expenditure.

The partnership provides existing SBS customers using PS Financials with a single point of contact for all accounting and budget management queries and training resources.

Software integration between SBS Online and PSF means an end to dual-processing in two systems and huge time-savings for schools and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), enabling instant budget management.

SBS Online is the complete budget planning and monitoring tool for schools and its flexible reporting structure ensures a smooth transition to academy status. Accurate budget monitoring will provide early forecasts of year-end under or overspends. The ability to compare multiple scenarios and how they affect a school’s outturn will enable them to make on-the-spot, sound financial decisions.

As schools embark on the conversion process, many are implementing PSF. The robust and consolidated accounting and purchasing system is designed to deliver detailed financial reporting and accountability requirements for an academy.

SBS Online and PSF users are able to gain full advantage of an exciting, new business intelligence solution that links multiple and varied sources of school data into one powerful dashboard.

“We are proud to partner with PS Financials,” said Sam Curtis, Operations Director for SBS. “Being an approved partner also enhances our strategic financial support service to individual schools and MATs.

“We believe the software integration is a perfect fit for our customers who need to keep tight financial control and be able to select the best future solutions for their trusts, schools and pupils.

“The synergy of the two systems offers a user-friendly and highly accurate way to manage the budget for a single school or multiple school environment. The outstanding benefit is the saving of time – which is a precious commodity in any educational environment.”

Will Jordan, Education Sector Manager for PS Financials, commented, “From our experience in supporting the financial management requirements for over 60% of the MATs and 2,100 academies across the country, we know first-hand how the education landscape is complex and ever-changing, making it extremely challenging to manage current and future financial needs for schools.

"The partnership and integration between SBS and PSF combines two powerful systems that provide customers with an effective approach to financial management, freeing up time to focus on strategic planning and ensuring that their future plans can drive school improvement."

SBS currently supports over 650 schools with management services. Across the core specialisms – academy conversion, finance and business, HR and payroll, ICT and procurement, and MIS/SIMS – expert teams deliver service desk support, consultancy, training and project management.


Ambitious growth targets for more British international schools in key countries have created remarkable opportunities for SBS to provide financial feasibility reports and project manage the opening of new schools in the Middle East and beyond.

For more information about SBS’ academy conversion options, support services or SBS Online budget management, please visit To find out how PS Financials can help drive financial health and efficiency in your school, academy or MAT, please visit

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