School Premises Managers

Premises Managers

Having well trained staff is essential for any school or academy. Today’s school Premises manager is required to complete a host of checks and procedures on a day to day basis. The job description is far reaching, whether your staff are liaising with outside contractors or maintaining the fabric and upkeep of your school site, opening and closing the school is the tip of the iceberg. We have seen numerous situations where school business managers are taking on more and more of the premises management role as budgets are increasingly being squeezed. Staff are willing to help the school but this is clearly not their remit, potentially causing a health and safety concern if they have not had adequate risk assessment training. 
The school business manager now relies on their premises manager to not only maintain the smooth running of the school throughout the day but also keep them up to date with annual reports and be clear where the school is with regard to their facilities maintenance. Budgeting for planned works is key and having staff who can effectively manage and liaise is crucial.  
Campion staff differ from agency staff; they have been hand selected by us and always have previous school premises experience. They hit the ground running when placed in any school situation as they are fully trained in health & safety and risk assessment. When we partner any new school the first thing we do is carry out a site survey and take note of any potential hazards highlighting them. More importantly we listen to you. We regularly liaise with our schools and our staff on a monthly basis to make sure that logs and statutory tests are being carried out and that any potential problems are addressed before they manifest into costly situations. We also make sure that we manage the school cleaning team effectively and make sure that supplies are ordered efficiently without waste.
Campion cover the school’s exact needs whether they need help in the short term to cover sickness and holiday, increasingly we are helping them to effectively outsource their premises to us with an annual service level agreement. We supply all levels of premises staff from facilities manager to assistant caretaker from nursery to high school and academy trusts.
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