School visits at KidZania London

Welcome to KidZania London The city where the kids are in charge (sorry teachers!)

At KidZania London school children can take part in more than 60 real-life role play adventures. Spanning across 75,000 square feet, KidZania London is a child-size city located in Westfield, Shepherds Bush where the kids are in charge!
Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives school children the chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities, the concept effectively gives them their first taste of independence and gets kids thinking about what they might want to be 'when they grow up'.

Watch the excitement on your class's faces as they try out more than 60 real life role-play activities in the bank, on stage or fighting crime on the streets as a police officer! Each role play activity - whether it be pilot, firefighter, bank teller or doctor (to name a few) is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.

KidZania is a real life role-play experience for 4-14 year olds, blending learning with reality and entertainment. You can download your school's activity pack and find out further information, including ticket prices at

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