Sgoss Rebrands To Governors For Schools

The charity School Governors’ One Stop Shop (SGOSS) has rebranded itself to become Governors for Schools.

The national education charity provides recruitment, placement & training services for skilled and committed people to be highly effective governors and trustees of schools all over England.

Governors For Schools aims to raise public awareness of the importance of good governance of our school system, the benefits of recruiting people with skills and experience required by the school, and demonstrating that those people who give their valuable time to school boards deliver benefits to schools, the communities they serve and to the businesses they work for. 

Founded in 1999 as a Department for Education pilot project, it became independent in 2016. In the last 5 years, it has placed over 10,000 governors in schools, more than any other organisation dedicated to the recruitment of school governors.

Governors for Schools is well positioned to attract skilled and committed volunteers from business as it has enviable set of relationships with respected businesses such as Lloyds Banking Group, Allen & Overy, City of London Corporation, KPMG, PWC and Deutsche Bank.

To find out more about becoming a school governor or encouraging employees to volunteer, visit the Governors for Schools website. 

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