Sika at Work For Lakenheath Community Primary School

After worrying roof leaks and subsequent damage were discovered at Lakenheath Community Primary School in Suffolk, an urgent refurbishment of some areas of the roof was required to keep the school open and in a good state of repair.

Suffolk County Council appointed Concertus Design & Property Consultants to manage the project. Due to the state of the roofs, work had to begin as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the school holidays when the buildings would be empty.

The job required a contractor that would be up to the challenge of completing the refurbishment quickly, with the least amount of disruption and very high health and safety standards. A product that could be installed fast, without the risk of hot works, was essential.

The County Council also stipulated that a guaranteed, longlasting, durable weatherproof roof covering be chosen for the project, to ensure the school would be protected for years to come.



Concertus chose the Sarnafil Plus refurbishment team for the project, as they could provide support every step of the way, making sure the refurbishment ran smoothly. From initial surveys and bespoke specification, to finding the right contractor for the job and supporting them on-site, the Sarnafil Plus package offered a complete solution for a fast, hassle free refurbishment.

Maguire Roofing, Sarnafil’s certified and specially trained contractor, was employed to install a completely new roof, a tricky task that involved first stripping the entire original asphalt roof, which was covered with two layers of felt membrane. During the project the roofing contractor was in constant liaison with the headmistress to make sure pupils were moved to classrooms away from the work.

Maguire Roofing had to take particular care not to let any water enter the building while stripping the roof down and removing the complete deck, exposing the ceiling joists. Crash decks had to be installed inside the classrooms underneath the open roofs to ensure the safety of the team while they worked. All tools and materials had to be wellsecured at all times.

The area was re-decked and primed with Sarnavap 5000E SA, and bespoke Sarnatherm insulation was installed to ensure correct water run-off across the roof surface and into the outlets and downpipes. The final stage saw Sarnafil G410-18EL Light Grey membrane specified to cover the various roofs, totaling 1000sq m. The contractor commented that the 40m rolls of Sarnafil membrane were easy to install and went down quickly, even around difficult detailing, to create a flawless waterproof finish.

The Sarnafil membrane was also a wise choice for use in such a sensitive environment, as it ensured there were no hot works on site, minimising health and safety issues.

Certified by BBA to have a “life expectancy in excess of 40 years” for exposed applications, with periodic maintenance, the Sarnafil G410-18EL Light Grey membrane was also guaranteed for 20 years. This quality guarantee, awarded by a Sika Sarnafil technical adviser after final inspection of the project, gave the school and County Council peace of mind that the roofs would stand the test of time.

A further complex element of the job involved replacing the glazing of the school hall’s atrium. Using bespoke SarnaLite roof lights, manufactured by industry specialist Brett Martin, the contractors replaced the outer glazing, leaving the inner glazing intact so that moisture and debris could not enter the building. The inner glazing was then removed. The ready-to-fit glazing was chosen to improve the energy efficiency of the building, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

The project was very successful for the client and Concertus was particularly impressed by the effectiveness of the single-ply solution and the speed in which the project was completed. All specifications and documents were turned around quickly between the Concertus, Sarnafil Plus and the Council, and the contractor finished the project within the required timeframe.

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