Skip2Bfit skipping Workshops- Embedding a Growth Mindset

 Growth mindset describes the outlook of someone who believes “their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work”. Research shows that those with a growth mindset outperform those of fixed mindset, so schools are now getting on board with this concept and looking at ways to develop it.

The Skip2Bfit concept of 2 minute fitness challenges can help to do this by challenging children ‘2 B the Best YOU can B’ . It demonstrates that determination leads to success and helps improve pupil’s attitude to learning. One typical comment from pupil’s after taking part is; “Now I know I can do anything if I work really hard.” It does this by using its own counting skipping ropes to challenge the children to a 2 minute skipping challenge. This provides measurable results giving the children targets. The whole programme is also great fun and encourages the children to exercise.


Skip2Bfit has proven to be a great success in schools with even OFSTED saying it contributed to OUTSTANDING with regard to pupil development, as pupil’s were keen to come to school to take part. 

Another school, which said that Skip2Bfit was an integral part of their whole school improvement plan, was in the top 2% nationally for improvement between KS1 and KS2.

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