Smart Wall Paint Partners with Education Initiative, Teach Design

Smart Wall Paint (, the award-winning whiteboard paint supplier is on a mission to help educators throughout the UK, teach and engage students like never before.

To do so, the company has partnered with Teach Design, a UK network of award winning design, technology and engineering teachers, and advocates of our innovative products, to showcase whiteboard, magnetic and projector walls in action at 12 Teach Design reference sites across the UK.

Al Robinson, Teach Design advocate and educator at Benfield School, Newcastle, believes the outcome from using our whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint, is far beyond his expectations and has ultimately helped the students’ confidence. “The product has changed more than just the surfaces it is painted on. It has changed how I use the space in my classroom and how I teach the students to great success. The students are engaged in activities as they love using the whiteboard pens, feeling more comfortable to make mistakes.”

Everyday surfaces reinvented for Jon Taylor, Educator at Highgate School, in London. “The pupils were immediately engaged with this new phenomenon. This has really allowed us to maximise the use and potential of our classroom spaces. The Smart Wall Paint has also proven very useful in our department staff area too, with to-do lists and notices popping up on the walls.”

An alternative and truly modern approach in Cardiff sees Smart Wall Paint used as a technology compliment. Educator, Jonathan Martlew, from Cardiff High School, instructed note taking in his classes to be completed on Smart Wall Painted tables - together with iPads and Apps. “Students are instructed to write notes on the table and in addition – iPad videos were used through the Aurasma App. This proved to be very successful; pupils were very focused and work independently throughout the lesson.”

Denise Doran, Director at Smart Wall Paint, says “The education sector is one of the biggest markets in the UK for us. We are not only providing schools, universities and other learning institutions with functional and cost-effective products but we are ultimately changing the way educators teach and students learn. Our cost-effective products and ten year guarantee provide real value to decision-makers as well as better overall productivity in the classroom.”

To find your nearest reference site visit here Order online for UK wide free shipping.

About Smart Wall Paint

Smart Wall Paint is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and its products are manufactured in Ireland and the UK. These innovative products add functionality to walls, corridors, classrooms, training rooms and lecture halls by giving them whiteboard, magnetic and projector functionality. Smart Wall Paint is a multi-award winning company.

Universities, colleges and schools all over the world use our products to transform the teaching and learning environments. Customers range from junior schools to universities such as Imperial College London, Blundells School, Thorpe Hall, plus many more.

About Teach Design

Teach Design consists of a team of award winning Design, Technology and Engineering teachers who are all very passionate about Smart Wall Paint. The organisation was formed with the basic fundamental principle: “For Teachers, By Teachers.”  Visit the Teach Design website here: to learn more.

For more information and further enquiries, please contact Naoimi Young, Smart Wall Paint, at or alternatively at 01213 680259. 
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