Solarsense complete 240kWp Solar PV system for Westfield Academy

Solarsense have completed a 240kWp Solar PV system for Westfield Academy. 

Solarsense worked with South Somerset Community Energy (SSCE) to design and install a bespoke solar PV solution for Westfield Academy in Yeovil.

The system is split across three roofs and when combined will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 70 homes for an entire year.

As well as cutting the organisations electricity bills and fixing their energy price for the foreseeable future the system will dramatically improve the school’s sustainability credentials by reducing CO2 emissions by 121.4 tonnes per annum - the equivalent of filling 726 double decker busses.

Assistant Principal, Mark Payne, who has over seen and implemented the project from the start sees the long term advantages of renewable energy as an important lesson for students.


“It’s great that as a school we can lead the way with use of renewable technology. These panels will help power the school for the next generation of Yeovil children who, in the process, will be aware that they are probably going to the most energy efficient school in the area. It will help them understand the importance of renewable technology”. 

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