Steel buildings solve school storage buildings

 Steel buildings solve school storage problems

Storage building specialists Autobuild Ltd have recently enhanced their range of flat pack buildings with a range of storage buildings designed for schools, which include condensation proofing.

The buildings are arranged to fit the customer’s site dimensions and are designed using a sophisticated computer package enabling prices to be calculated in a few minutes.

“Once we know the length, width, colour and height of the building and details of ancillary items, like roller doors, personal access doors or skylights, prices can be given to the customer over the telephone or on email. “We can adjust dimensions if necessary to suit their budget,” said Laurence Osborne, Autobuild’s Managing Director.

“With prices for a storage building starting from about £3,250 + VAT, you can see why the flat pack concept is proving popular” He added.

Buildings are delivered flat and are bolted together on site to form the finished product. To enable the schools to obtain the best advice before ordering, Autobuild can arrange a site visit and produce a set of plans and a structural design certificate. The buildings all conform to British Standards.

The company also can liase with and suggest a number of preferred contractors who provide groundwork and erection services specifically for these units.

Osborne continued “ The beauty of these units are the flexible design options. If the customer wants a machinery store for example, we can extend the building or provide a lean to extension.”

Buildings are delivered throughout the UK and are delivered as a complete kit of parts. Insulated panels are available and the company offers free support with planning applications as well as advice for customers requiring unusual configurations.

 “Many customers have a limited space available but we can usually find a way to provide the optimum design, “ said Osborne.

For further information or pictures telephone Laurence Osborne: 01753 648484 or email Web:

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