Sterillo hygienic hand dryer - Are you drying your hands the cleanest way?

More than three quarters of people hang their bag and coat 'on the back of the door away from any germs but it is in fact smothered in bacteria and bugs We are clearly trying, but do we dodge the germs? Research by Sterillo, the world's most hygienic hand dryer, has revealed we are a nation ignorantly smothering ourselves in germs and bacteria every time we visit a public washroom or restaurant toilet. More than three quarters of us (82%), mistakenly put our coats and bags on the back of the toilet door when we visit. Ironically in the hope of keeping them 'away from any germs' when the surface is in fact a breeding ground!

Brits are somewhat aware of the current unsavoury conditions, as a wise 44% only use washrooms that smell fresh but that still leaves over half who are enduring smelly and dirty washrooms. More than a quarter of people admitted they hold their breath, but that still leaves a huge majority of us that are inhaling washroom air, which may sound harmless but many of the bad smells in washrooms are actually made up of minute airborne faecal matter. Sadly, the reason you smell it is because you are inhaling faecal particles! Despite all this we probably have ourselves down as smart germ dodgers, as the findings told of the great lengths we go to in attempting to avoid nasty bacteria.

Over a quarter of us flush the toilet with our elbows 28% squat over the seat and 40% have issues with touching anything whatsoever. Rightly so, but sadly the back of the door, is in fact smothered in germs. By placing our coats, scarves and bags on there, we may as well be rubbing our faces in it! The research also affirmed that 62% of people dont close the lid of the loo before they flush. This means every time someone flushes a germ-filled mushroom cloud is created containing virus's and bacterias that are suspended in the air and take hours to slowly fall, gradually covering toilet cubical doors, walls, floors, toilet rolls and anything nearby. While the lid remains up, every flush is constantly recoating every surface in layer after layer of rapidly multiplying contaminants. Many of these same surfaces often go uncleaned, so we are taking much more than our bags and coats home with us.

But it doesnt end there, we have other bathroom habits that increase our exposure. More than half of us have read a book, magazine or newspaper on the loo and 50% have sent or received a text. A further third, admitted they had made or received a phone call. All additional items that are accumulating bacteria and all kinds of bugs that we are then carrying around with us.

The new Sterillo is the first device that could offer a total solution to this age old problem. This new hand dryer destroys the bacteria, mould and viruses that contaminate us, spread disease and cause odours. The machine utilises an internal UVC module to sanitise the air and all exposed surfaces, removing the things you can smell, and the ones you can't that are far more dangerous. It combines one of Europe's best-selling hand dryers with cutting-edge technology from AirSteril as used in ambulances and care homes across the UK to clean the air and sanitise surfaces.

Steve Levy, inventor of the Sterillo says: Our mission was to kill disease and bugs, and as a direct result of our success, we destroy all washroom odours too. This will benefit many environments. Teachers know, that something like norovirus can take out half a class, the Sterillo prevents such break outs. In hospitals that are full of people with infections it can kill the spread. Companies can cut their cleaning costs and improve the environment for staff or customers as well as reduce absenteeism.

The Sterillo is just the first step, in the meantime, the 42% of people who claim they'd never re-visit a venue where the washrooms were disgusting have the right idea.

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