Suffragettes The Fight

 A fantastic opportunity to celebrate the centenary of British women’s right to vote with a production that demands to be heard.

‘Suffragettes The Fight’ takes you back to a life changing historical period. Join the movements prominent figures as they begin their journey to change women’s lives forever. Find out who the Suffragettes were and how far they were prepared to go to win women the vote. 


An excellent educational tool introducing young performers to the suffrage movements prolonged fight for equality. Bring history to life through this thought provoking, passionate and fact filled script with the help of rousing songs and empowering chants. Ideal to perform as a class assembly or as a school show to celebrate the 100 year anniversary. Fight, fight, fight till victories here. 



For further info and to listen to song clips and script samples performed by young people visit 

If you require more or less cast members please email us and we’ll do the work for you -


Our ‘Suffragettes The Fight’ Script package is instantly downloadable for a set fee of £39.95 and includes:

  • Script
  • Producers pack (with scene breakdowns, props list, costume list, song sheets, staging info, general and tailored drama exercises)
  • Live lyrics (Karoke style learning aids for the classroom)
  • Backing Tracks (No need for a pianist)
  • SFX
  • Projected Backdrop (Emailed 2 weeks before performance date)
  • Poster 
  • Tickets
  • Licence to Perform



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