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Classroom technology has improved dramatically in the last 20 years. Projectors and smart touch-screens are now a standard part of the learning environment all over the UK. Teachers themselves have had to learn how to use this new technology to maximum effect; they have become, to some extent, Audio Visual technicians. With a 30 year history in conferencing and events, we certainly understand the difficulties that can be experienced with these types of live performance. Luckily, many of GAOKE's products take this into account and make switching between Visualisers and Touchscreens a one-button affair.


Most educators will have had experience with Overhead Projectors in the past. GAOKE's range of digital Visualisers (also known as Document Cameras) aim to update this old technology and integrate it into the digital classrooms of today. These devices can be placed on the teacher's desk or a dedicated work surface near the front of the class. Connected to the class's existing projector, they utilise a high quality, built-in camera that allows the entire class to see the smallest details of whatever is being demonstrated. This could be as small as a daisy or as large as a football. The built-in 4GB memory allows for images and video files to be saved for future classes, so there's no need to keep bringing in that cumbersome prop. Just record a short video and play it back when needed! Two LED arms provide enough light to perfectly illuminate the subject matter and a backlit base even lets you break out those old transparencies.

We are proud to be the UK distributors for GAOKE's range of education products and we're more than happy to demonstrate the equipment at our premises in West London.


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