Merseyside based TrakHUPFER has added to its range of food logistics solutions with the introduction of the ISOBOX® Mobil range of foodservice trolleys. The new models have been designed for situations where food needs to be maintained at optimum temperature whist being transported from a central kitchen to the point of service. The trolleys are suitable for transporting bulk food or plated meals on trays. They may be used in a variety of applications, including banqueting, hotels, restaurants, leisure, education, prisons, hospitals and care homes.

Operational functionality and versatility have been the driving factors in the development of the patented ISOBOX® Mobil range. Ambient models incorporate high performance insulation to enable food to be maintained at predetermined temperatures for short and medium periods. For holding food over extended periods optional heating or cooling panels may be fitted to the trolleys, with a digital controller facilitating precise temperature control. With the appropriate panel applied, the trolley may be pre-heated or pre-chilled, via mains power, prior to service. The unique design allows separate compartments of the trolleys to be maintained at different temperatures for total foodservice flexibility. The fact that ambient ISOBOX® Mobil modules can also operate in heated or chilled modes, by incorporating optional exchangeable panels, allows the same unit to be used for a variety of roles. This reduces the total number of trolleys required for service and accommodates changes of menu and seasonal variations.

The trolleys are inherently robust and durable, with a lightweight aluminium exterior and a stainless steel interior. Stainless steel deep drawn runners ensure simple cleaning. Tray supports may be configured at 37.5 mm or 75 mm spacing. ISOBOX® Mobil trolleys are available in four standard sizes, with single or double compartments, to meet the desired operational capacity. The trolleys may also be manufactured to bespoke dimensions to accommodate customers’ specific requirements.


As standard, ISOBOX® Mobil trolleys are fitted with 125 mm or 160 mm diameter castors. A choice of castor materials is available, depending on indoor or outdoor use or for critical environments. Modular manufacturing techniques allow the trolleys to be finished in a variety of panel colours to meet house styles and company logos may be applied on panels to maximise branding opportunities.


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