The Complete Marketing Package for Your School...


Our experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that you’re PR and marketing strategy communicates the unique characteristics of your brand and achieves your marketing objectives.

Brand creation and development

Brands matter to every organisation because what they capture is distinctive. This is the primary source of competitive advantage and the ability to create value. A well-defined brand and informed brand strategy will ensure that you maximise the potential of your brand and your budget.  

Press & Public Relations

Every School is unique and it is important to share your story with the local community to raise awareness of what you do. An active public relations programme not only enhances your reputation but can also help to maintain, and grow, student numbers.

On- line and off-line Design Consultancy

We believe in ‘communication driven design’ rather than ‘design driven communication’.

Our experienced design team provides a broad range of design and marketing solutions, including corporate identity, branding, uniform design, brochures, exhibition stands and advertising.

Education strategy

Our consultant brings a wealth of experience to our educational clients, offering individually tailored services in the areas of strategic leadership in driving school effectiveness; delivering training to school leaders and governors; developing partnerships and formal collaborative arrangements between schools and all aspects of the academy brokerage and the conversion process.

We’re always happy to discuss any of your requirements.  

For further details on our services, please contact us on:

01673 842911




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