The Playground Equipment You Want

At Setter Play we have always prided ourselves on our ability to design the play equipment you want. Whether it’s amending an existing design, or coming up with something completely new and unique for your school, we enjoy the challenge of delivering a bespoke design to meet any requirements.

Having provided this bespoke playground design service to schools across the country, we have seen and managed all manner of different projects, for all manner of outdoor spaces.

As you can imagine, this has led to some very interesting playground designs over the years: 

Often a wide open space at a school may have a tree in the centre of it, which is often viewed by teachers as inhibiting the full use of the space. We have however developed a range of bespoke Treehouses with a range of different themes (our latest is a castle theme, which is fantastic for encouraging imagination-play), that incorporate a tree as a central part of the structure, which helps utilise an open space featuring trees even better.

Another landscape feature that Setter Play have utilised in the past is a bank, or mound in the outdoor space; to improve the play provisions for pupils we have designed a ‘Castle on the Hill’ climbing frame, featuring two castle towers and a bridge at the top of the hill, a large net to traverse up the hill, and a large slide to get back down again. This bespoke castle design is a firm favourite at a number of schools around the country, and ensures long-lasting play value with its combination of physical and imagination play.

So if your school has a ‘difficult’ area in which you cannot envision how to maximise the play value for your pupils, give us a call today for a free site survey, consultation, and quote. If you would like a more in depth look at our play equipment ranges, visit, and for news on our more specialist installations, be sure to click the ‘news’ tab at the top.


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