The need for our nations’ children to get outdoors

 With attention-grabbing headlines like ‘Three-quarters of UK children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates’ highlighting the need for our nations’ children to get outdoors, outdoor play equipment companies like Setter Play are best suited to help tackle this problem.

We all know that exercise is a large part of a healthy lifestyle, and active play is essential to healthy development. Primary School is an ideal place to promote these ideals, and the school playground is the perfect place to enact them.

An engaging and challenging play area is perfect for drawing children in and keeping them active. Non-prescriptive climbing frames, such as Setter Play’s ‘Spiffy’ and ‘Toot Hill’ keep children entertained through their lack of defined route – instead of going up a ramp, over a platform, and down a slide, non-prescriptive play does not set out a route through the climbing frame, thus providing children with new and more varied ways to discover their play area.

Check out the accompanying picture to see how engaging the Toot Hill can be!

Another way in which Setter Play climbing frames can keep kids active is through the challenge they pose. We always recommend teachers go with the more difficult activities, like overhead ladders or monkey bars, because these are the activities that children may take some time to build the confidence to complete. Once they’ve mastered challenges like these, we find that they go back to them repeatedly, as they feel a sense of achievement.  In this way, the most challenging activities on a climbing frame don’t deter children from approaching it, but rather encourage them to keep trying until they’ve beaten it. Further to this, activities such as these are fantastic for developing upper body strength as well as grip and grasp, which are both beneficial to children’s health and fitness. All of this adds up to a climbing frame that encourages movement, and that pupils won’t get bored of.

So if you’re considering rejuvenating your outdoor spaces in order to get your pupils active, and would like a well thought-out and balanced playground that will promote physical and mental development, give Setter Play a call!


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