Think you don't have space for a school kitchen? Think again.

Think you don’t have space for a school kitchen? Think again.

Back in 2014, the coalition government announced plans to provide every child in a state-funded infant school – and disadvantaged students in further education – with a free school meal.

The initiative, costing approximately £600 million, resulted in a trend for regional Central Production Units providing mass catering across a number of schools. With food produced in this way, school kitchens fell out of use, and many were turned over to additional space for classrooms.

While the Central Production Unit offering has been, and continues to be, a hugely successful solution for many schools – it’s not without its drawbacks. Now, a number of reasons are surfacing for schools to want to bring their catering back in house. For some it’s a need for tailored food offerings such as Halal or Kosher, while others need to cater for additional special events outside lunchtime hours. Or it’s simply because the local production unit is struggling to meet increasing demand, causing delays to and dissatisfaction with the service.

Many schools are finding themselves in need of a kitchen once more - but with rooms already re-allocated to educational needs, finding suitable space has become problematic.

But there is a solution.

From unused corridor to fully functional kitchen

AGGORA Projects are experts in producing innovative solutions to overcome difficulties around creating space for kitchens. Our team have been successful in helping customers in the education sector to identify potential opportunities to create space within an existing building – even when they thought it wasn’t possible!

Unused storeroom or corridor near to your dining hall? Imagine if these tired, unloved spaces could be transformed into a brand new, highly usable kitchen! That’s just what our team did for Broughton Infant School in Buckinghamshire.

By repositioning door openings, we were able to position kitchen equipment along the long wall of the corridor, creating a streamlined workspace and leaving the store cupboard area at the end of the corridor available for refrigeration storage units.

Even the smallest or most oddly-shaped spaces can be transformed into functional kitchens using clever layout and equipment choices – so why not speak to the experts at AGGORA Projects to see what we can do for you.

Modular buildings: creating new space quickly and cost-effectively

Where a kitchen can’t be accommodated within existing buildings, there is an alternative solution.

Bespoke modular buildings can be installed within 4 weeks and are a cheaper alternative to building extensions. AGGORA Projects can install modular buildings in a range of sizes, along with full installation of electricity, drainage and ventilation.

A flexible solution, modular buildings can be installed anywhere on your site as a stand alone building – or joined onto an existing building to extend your current space.

Need a kitchen but short on space? Contact the experts at AGGORA Projects and discover what we can do for you. Call 0845 1177 555 or email

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