Top 5 Thermometer Buys for the Professional Kitchen

 Planning to upgrade your current kitchen equipment? Looking for must-have products for a new café or restaurant? When choosing a new Smart Phone, tablet or portable technology, most of us know which models are the market leaders – but what about professional kitchen thermometers?

To help you choose with confidence, temperature specialist, TME, has done the research, announcing its Top Five Bestsellers for 2014-2015. MD, Tom Sensier: “These are our most popular items bought by cafes, restaurants, hotels and caterers. It’s not everything we do – TME offers hundreds of different products – but here’s a heads-up on what the professionals like best.”

No 1 Bestseller – MM Wall Kit

Top place goes to a thermometer kit with everything a chef needs for daily temperature spot checks – plus its own hygienic storage system. TME’s MM Wall Kit features the ever-reliable MM2000 waterproof thermometer and TP05 dishwasher-safe food probe, supplied with the MMWALLHOLD, a stainless steel wall-mounted storage unit. “Customers respond to the compact nature of this kit, which keeps everything they need in one place.”

No 2 Bestseller – SVK1 Sous-Vide Kit

Sous-Vide cooking has soared in popularity in recent years, taking TME’s SVK1 Sous-Vide Temperature Monitoring Kit right up with it. Low-temperature cooking methods produce delicious results but need careful temperature control to comply with health and safety regulations. “Keep your EHO onside with this all-in-one solution, providing peace of mind to the busy chef.

No 3 Bestseller – Solo Digital Thermometer

Professional chefs love easy-to-use equipment, so we’re not surprised to see the SOLO Digital Thermometer on our Bestseller List. This button-less thermometer reacts in just 3 seconds due to its super-fast foldout needle probe - ideal for spot checks at every stage of your HACCP. “It’s rare to find equipment this affordable that delivers both on accuracy and speed.”

No 4 Bestseller - MM2000 Digital Thermocouple Thermometer

High accuracy, robust, IP67 waterproof - with the widest of temperature ranges and compatible with hundreds of different probes - the MM2000 Digital Thermocouple Thermometer is always high on the shopping list! “The icing on the cake is our Thermometer for Life guarantee: you break it, we supply a repair/replacement for no more than £35.”

No 5 Bestseller - TA12 Flat Food/Pallet Probe

Goods In temperature checks ensure you don’t accept deliveries blindly without knowing they’re in tip-top condition, that’s why quality-conscious chefs rate the unassuming TA12 Flat Food/Pallet Probe so highly. “It doesn’t look exciting but don’t let that deceive you! The TA12 fits perfectly between pallets or boxes, providing a reliable reading without having to open boxes.”

Tom Sensier: “TME’S Top Five buys all have the same in common: great design, a pleasure to use and above all, reliability.”                                                          


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