Transforming extra-curricular activity management at St Faiths

St Faith's is one of the leading independent preparatory schools in the UK and the largest private prep school in Cambridgeshire. The school has an enviable location in the centre of Cambridge and has an outstanding reputation for providing an excellent academic education, effective pastoral care and all-round activities for girls and boys aged 4 to 13.

St Faith’s extracurricular programme runs from Year 3 to Year 8 and over fifty different after school activities are offered per term. The CHQ VAE is used to manage all the bookings by parents and then the ongoing daily administration of the activities. Before CHQ was introduced, extracurricular administration relied on using spreadsheets and printing off paper registers for each event, with teachers then taking the register and phoning in to the school office with any discrepancies. This was a labour intensive, time-consuming process which is now all done very simply on mobile tablets in a matter of minutes. The fact that CHQ also directly links into the attendance registers makes it very simple for teachers to know who to expect at extracurricular sessions without needing to check on any absences with the school office.

“A key benefit for us is that CHQ links directly to the main attendance register and we can see exactly who is in school and who is absent which removes the need for extracurricular teaching staff to contact the office to check the whereabouts of pupils.” Diana Johnson, VLE Director, St Faith’s Independent Prep School

At St Faith’s, we also find CHQ VAE invaluable in the management of our late stay programmes. Late stay operates as three streams across the school covering Year 1 through to Year 8, taking place in three different locations with parents booking online. We use CHQ to keep track of attendees and also notify the kitchen of specific dietary requirements for the pupils staying after school each day by linking back into the SIMS MIS system records for each child.

“St Faith's use CHQ in conjunction with Capita SIMS and have also deployed single sign-on (SSO) for Firefly VLE.”

About CHQ VAE:

CHQ’s pioneering Virtual Activity Environment (VAE) software makes all school activity beyond the classroom easier to administer, providing a holistic view of everything that happens within a school. Improving communication, freeing teaching staff to spend more time where it matters, enriching both the student and school experience.

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