Turning Pages Is Exactly What We Have Been Looking For

‘Turning Pages is exactly what we have been looking for’ - Special School Teacher at the NASS conference.

October has been a busy month so far for Turning Pages.

We had a stand at the TES SEN Show and, the following week, at the NASS conference in Brighton – we have also made our first international sale with a full set of 5 manuals and 30 reading books ordered through our website by a customer in Australia.

Turning Pages is a new reading programme for teenagers and adults although schools are also considering using it with their Year 6 pupils who are struggling to learn to read.

At the two shows we received some fantastic feedback from teachers about the reading programme:

‘Such a good price’ – Turning Pages manuals cost £10 each or £45 for a full set and sets of reading books are £15 each or £55 for all 4 sets. A full set of all 5 manuals and all 30 reading books is just £95 plus shipping.

‘Brilliant, just what we are looking for’ – In just 20 minutes a day a learner works though the manuals, one to one with a mentor and is taken from a pre-entry level up to covering elements of Entry 3 and Level 1 by the end of the fifth manual. All the instructions for mentors are held within the manual so no specialist training is needed. Written specifically for older learners, the content is modern, age appropriate and fully interactive.

‘The reading books are perfect’ – 30 accompanying reading books complement the learning in the Turning Pages manual so that following each integrated progress check (there are 3 in each manual) the learner is able to choose books to read which only use the skills covered so far in the manuals. The books cover a range of topics, use a verity of illustration styles and grow in complexity as the manuals progress.

‘If I get nothing else from this conference, finding Turning Pages has made the trip worth it.’ - You can find out more on our website: http://www.turningpages.shannontrust.org.uk where you will be able to have a look at the first 3rd of each manual and a sample of each reading book.

You can order by completing the ‘Contact us’ page or ask any question by emailing or ringing Susie O’Hagan on 01746787392 susie@shannontrust.org.uk Follow us on Twitter: @TurningPagesST Like our Facebook page: fb.me/TurningPagesST

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