Turning Pages: ' Reading Age Showed Great Improvement'

Update from our Year 6 reviewer after 4 months of working with Turning Pages.

In May we reported nasen Connect magazine had featured a Year 6 pupil who has been using Turning Pages to improve his reading.

The SENCO who carried out the review told us that they liked the following about Turning Pages:

• No specific training needed; anyone who can read can use it to help those who can’t (including pupils who can read well and would be a suitable mentor)
• The pupil appreciated the more ‘grown up’ approach of Turning Pages compared to other intervention he had tried.
• The pupil said that with the short daily sessions (20 minutes each day as recommended) he was making progress and this kept him enthusiastic and motivated.
• It was good having the phonic elements clearly set out in the manuals and worked though before using the reading books.
• Turning Pages represent good value for money.

Following the review, the Year 6 pupil and TA continued working with Turning Pages for a total of four months after which they found that:

‘[His] reading age showed a great improvement. We registered 12 months of progress in the 4 months between March - July.
Not only that but he enjoyed using the programme, his motivation was good and he appeared more confident, which can be problematic with children who have needed to have a lot of extra input for reading.’

Find out more at: www.turningpages.shannontrust.org.uk
Or visit our shop: https://shop.turning-pages.org.uk/
Twitter: @TurningPagesST
Email: carol@shannontrust.org.uk for bulk or invoice orders.

Turning Pages is:

• 5 manuals and 30 accompanying reading books• One to one
• 20 minutes a day 5 days a week (although it can still work with fewer sessions)
• Private • Learners going at their own pace
• Has no exams
• Written specifically for older learners
• Just £45 for a set of 5 manuals

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