Turning Pages Reading Programme Is Now Available.

 “Within two months I read the first Turning Pages reading book which was the first time in my life that I had ever read a book”

Anyone who can read can use Turning Pages to help a poor reader become a confident reader.

Turning Pages is:

·         A synthetic phonics reading programme.

·         5 manuals and 30 accompanying reading books which have all been written for older learners (suitable for secondary schools and adults) and for peer delivery. No training is needed; all the instructions for the mentor are built into the manuals.

·         20 minutes a day is all that is needed for a learner to make progress. The programme has been written for a ‘little and often’ approach.

·         Interactive - Turning Pages uses a combination of 12 different activities to learn new skills, embed learning and gives learner the opportunity to write and count. There’s been really positive feedback from mentors and learners about this.

·         One to One – one learner with one mentor work though the manuals together at a pace set by the learner.

·         Pressure free – there are no tests but Turning Pages has built in progress checks so the learner can see the progress they are making.

·         Relevant - The final manual of the Turning Pages series includes opportunities to read things found in everyday life such as menus, instructions on medication and job descriptions. It also includes chances to develop strategies for scanning for information, reading in detail and recognising different text formats and features such as bullet points.

·         Dyslexia friendly – Turning Pages was written with input from dyslexia specialists with specific b&d confusion exercises, cream paper to reduce visual stress and thought given to font, line spacing and use of white space.

“I enjoy my reading now, before I got angry and frustrated.”

Academically reviewed by Birmingham City University, and used by over 4000 learners since its launch in 2015, Turning Pages has been shown to work with people previously disengaged from learning. Read the full report at: http://www.shannontrust.org.uk/report

How Turning Pages is delivered

The joy of the programme is that it can be very flexible. Schools could choose to use peer delivery where year 11 pupils mentor year 7s for example or as an LSP/LSA led programme where staff work one to one with learners. With just 20 minutes a day needed it can be done at lunch, after school or in lesson time.

As Turning Pages needs no training (other than confidence with the phonic sounds and there is a download on our website to help with this) learners could take their manual home in the holidays for a parent or other confident reader to continue to work with them and so wouldn’t have an interruption in their learning.

Whilst each learner needs their own set of manuals, the reading books can be shared and used as a library resource so a school or college can provide modern and age group friendly easy reading books. This means learners can start to read for pleasure from very early on in the programme as the books have been written to mirror the skills learned in each stage of each manual.

Want to know more?

Check out our website:    http://www.turningpages.shannontrust.org.uk where you will be able to have a look at the first 3rd of each manual and a sample of each reading book.

You can order by completing the ‘Contact us’ page or ask any question by emailing or ringing  Susie O’Hagan on 01746787392 susie@shannontrust.org.uk

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