Why You Should Hire Kit For Your Schools DofE Expeditions

The most obvious reason and the one that springs to mind is the Cost Saving. Hiring gear from us for your expeditions comes in at a whopping 86% of the Retail Cost.

However I’m also aware that there are cost savings to be made buying cheaper kit or even buying second hand. The overall cost however is still quite high for gear that may only be used one or twice by your pupils. And cheaper kit can be heavier less robust and at worst not fit for purpose.

The difference we offer is the fact that all participants can utilise clean, high quality new and almost new (never more than one season old) kit for their expedition.

The DofE Recommended Kit is recommended for the following very good reasons:

Waterproofs are breathable and totally waterproof.

Vango Rucksacks are durable and have flexible fitting (We provide a Fitting Guide) and Waterproof covers.

Vango Tents are lightweight and ideal for trekking often adding a little more than 1 Kg to each participants load.

Vango Sleeping Bags and Inflatable Mats are of high quality and we provide 2 or 3 season bags (with liners) depending on when your expeditions are being held. A good night’s sleep is paramount.

If your pupils have their own boots we can kit out each participant with all their personal kit for just under £40 and if you need to add quality vibram soled boots (with free merino wool walking socks) we can hire them for £12.00 per pair.

At Muddy Boots we are all active walkers and are lucky enough to be involved in a business that is closely linked to our real passion which is being in the great outdoors.

Enjoying their expedition and those to come can encourage young people to get out into the Hills and enjoy our wonderful countryside. Giving them quality gear at this early stage will certainly be a big encouragement for them and ensure they all have an equal opportunity and an enjoyable and worhwhile expedition.

Please contact Mike Smith at Muddy Boots Tent and Kit Hire on 07806 896407 or complete the following Schools Enquiry Form


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