‘action Mats’ A New Way To Help Deliver The New Obesity Strategy

 The government’s plan to cut childhood obesity couldn’t be more timely, with a third of children between the ages of 2 and 15 currently overweight or obese, and the NHS spending £5.1 billion a year as of 2015 on tackling obesity-related ill-health. We all know the long term risks too, with obese children more likely to develop health issues like diabetes and heart disease in later life.

So what can we do?

Part of the Public Health England strategy is to promote more physical activity amongst children, at break times, as part of PE lessons, and in extra-curricular clubs, and that’s where ‘Action Mats’ step in!

We have designed ‘Action Mats’ to be affordable, engaging, and quick-to-deploy, to make their use in primary schools and afterschool clubs second nature whether you are a PE teacher or a supply teacher. 12 mats (with more on the way!) form the core exercise routine, designed to focus on different forms of movement and promote general physical development as well as fine motor skills and coordination.

Complete with lesson plans for easy use all year round, ‘Action Mats’ are the perfect way to get children engaged with a more active lifestyle, with bright and vibrant colours and designs and stick men providing universal instructions for children of all ages and abilities.

Getting children active now can help them lead a healthier, more fulfilling life later on, and ‘Action Mats’ are a great place to start. 

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