fischertechnik chooses Gratnells trays for its education kits

Approximately 40,000 black Gratnells trays in three sizes are provided to fischertechnik at its production headquarters in Salzstetten, in Germany’s Black Forest.  The trays will house the brand’s STEM kits which help schoolchildren form a basic understanding of technology, along with the development of logical thinking, creativity and fine motor skills. Kits may be used up to 1000 times a year by teachers, hence the need to provide a robust, reusable storage container which will act both as a safe transit medium and look good enough to present the best brand in the sector.


fischertechnik was invented in  1965s by Professor Artur Fischer, who conceived the system as a Christmas toy for his children.  Its basis is to be found in a unique building block that allows attachments and expansion on all six sides.

fischertechnik construction sets are now marketed around the world to the consumer, education and development markets.  Many successful engineers have started their careers by using the system and today there is a fischertechnik Fan Club with more than 30,000 members worldwide.

The Mechanics kit is just one of the sets which benefits from custom-built presentation from Gratnells, with the tray, insert and lid combining to provide a smart, tough storage solution including an integral ‘filing system’ to keep all the components accounted for.  Gratnells trays are designed to fit into standard systems, ensuring that kits are properly stored in accepted classroom practice, readily accessible whenever required.

fischertechnik’s  Sales Director, Laurenz Wohlfarth, comments.  “This is an education construction set which is designed for the machine builders, technicians and engineers of the future.  The Gratnells tray system helps to foster good practice in parts management and efficient processes.  Where we are required to produce a tender proposal to education authorities, Gratnells can go a step further in providing us with storage trolleys for stacking and moving large numbers of trays around easily.  Their products are manufactured to the same exacting standards as ours and that’s why we specify them for our construction sets.”

Gratnells International Marketing Director Richard Picking adds “There are many similarities in the approach of our two businesses and this helps us to know instinctively what fischertechnik requires of us.  Our product, too, is the result of a unique design and one which we export to more than 60 countries around the world.  The fact that such a high visibility brand chooses Gratnells as a supplier underlines the quality we produce and it’s a standard we are very proud of.”

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